Tegan and Sara Concert – June 9th 2013

I arrived at the train station to find a “Service disruptions” noticeboard outside the station. I went into the ticket office and asked for the ticket I wanted, and was told they weren’t selling tickets. There had been some earlier signal problems and they had no idea if or when the trains were running. After frantic worrying, I finally got on a train about 20 minutes later. There were no ticket inspectors on the train so when I arrived in Glasgow there was a huge queue to buy tickets. Eventually a woman opened the barriers and let us through without a ticket. I walked fast to the venue and seen the huge decker tour bus outside. Then I seen some people queuing, walked along and turned the corner to see the queue continue all the way up the hill and round the back of some buildings. I happened to notice some other Tumblr users/Tweeters I had chatted to previously so I tapped one on the shoulder and went in line with them. We waited what seemed like ages before getting into the venue. They had a poster with the times and it mentioned the curfew was at 11pm. I had emailed the venue the previous week and was told it would end at 10, so I was a bit disappointed as it meant that I would miss some of the show to catch the last train home, and with the issues getting in I wanted to get there in plenty of time just incase. Once we were in the venue they then checked our bags, and after getting up the stairs the venue was so dark I couldn’t see the girls I had went in with, so I went to the toilet, over to the merch stall and got my “Go / Please Stay” t-shirt I wanted, then went to the bar and made my way to the stage, all the while unable to find the girls. A girl and a couple of guys stood near me and the guys went to the bar, after a while the girl started talking to me as she had basically been deserted by her friends. So I stood with her through the gig, at the extreme edge of the stage, Sara side, about 2 rows back. Waxahatchee was great. Then it seemed like forever (like really… aaaages) before Tegan and Sara came on stage, all the while i’m frantically checking my watch hoping I get to see a fair bit. Eventually they came on stage, and I felt like I was watching them on YouTube but on a massive screen, It just didn’t seem real that they were so close, and they looked just like they do in the videos and photos. Absolutely beautiful.

I chose Sara side but was surprised how close the microphones were. I always thought they had a huge gap between them on stage. Had I chosen Tegan side I would have got both girls in my photos, and seen Ted. He was hidden behind the speakers where I was standing. Seen his head a couple of times, I was like “Ted!” 🙂 Even Sara was further away from me than I expected. But it was an awesome view all the same. I basically spent the whole show looking at Sara, as Tegan was further away and a lot of the time went back behind Sara so I couldn’t see. I spent every night watching YouTube videos for months before so in a way it feels like I wasn’t really there, like it was some sort of dream. But parts come back to me sometimes.

They didn’t have a lot of banter, Sara got a lighter thrown at her which said “Fancy a fuck?” but had no lighter fluid left in it, so she slagged that off for a while. And at one stage someone threw a bouquet of fake flowers at her feet while she tuned her guitar, and she had this adorable look on her face. I took a bunch of photos and videos, but since I was 2 rows away from the speaker the quality of the audio is pretty shit. They played a heap of songs, probably i’ve missed some but I remember:

The Con, Walking with a ghost, Now i’m all messed up, Hop a plane, Call it off, Arrow, I couldn’t be your friend, How come you don’t want me now, I was a fool, Drove me wild, Feel it in my bones, Alligator, Back in your head, Where does the good go, Goodbye goodbye, Shock to your system…

Sara messed the words/forgot the words to one song. So for a second, I got to go “awww” but I can’t remember what song it was.

I left around 10:25 and went to the merch stall to buy a prism t-shirt as I had seen a girl wearing one and had a spur of the moment “just wear that with pride” idea, as I am always shy with people knowing what kind of music I like, and I thought “I fucking love these guys. I need to wear a t-shirt and just say fuck you to people who don’t like them”. So I bought that, and asked the guy if they had the mailbox somewhere, and he said he would take it, so I gave him a letter I had written. When I turned round there was a woman standing alone against the wall near the merch stand and it was their mom! I’m 90% sure it was their mom. She had lighter hair than I thought she had, and I broke out in this geeky awkward smile and walked past her, I said “hello” and sort of laughed embarrassedly at the same time. She said “hi” and smiled back shyly. I’m sure she said hi, quietly. Then I walked off in a daze. I went to the toilet and listened to them play “Nineteen” and start some banter before I headed out the door. I was a bit sad I missed the medley, and I arrived at the train station platform 10 minutes early for my train, but I had an awesome night all the same.

When I looked at my photos, I found this really dark green shaded one of Sara and I blew it up and auto corrected the colours and I chose to believe that Sara is smiling at me. She probably isn’t but a girl can dream. She looked my way when I was filming a couple of times, and I think my heart skipped a few beats. Shame my videos sound shit, but they are memories all the same. A girl has put a video medley on YouTube and the audio quality is awesome, some banter is in their too. But i’ll always have the memories in my head, and if they come to Glasgow again i’ll maybe get a VIP ticket 🙂 And leave my camera at home, or just not record video and stick with photos. I would have been able to enjoy/get into it more.



Last night while sitting I leaned forward and experienced pain in the top of my leg/side of my groin. Feeling the area I found a marble sized hard lump roughly where my underwear leg sits. It was tender to touch and when I walk, sit for a while, or lie on my side in bed there is some pain. I walked more than usual yesterday so I don’t know if that has something to do with it, or if it is something more serious. I didn’t sleep a lot last night from worrying. I guess I give it today and if it’s still there, make an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow night. Or wait longer. Who knows.

Last night while sitting I leaned forward and

Musically Crazy

I just bought a pair of musical Egg shakers online. I take these notions sometimes. I currently own:

  • Electric guitar
  • Nylon strung 3/4 size acoustic guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Tambourine
  • Tin whistle
  • Small bodhran

I cannot play any of the above listed items. The electric guitar has had the most use but after learning some of one song and bits of others, it has sat gathering dust. Occasionally I will grow to love some new band and they will make me want to learn again, so the cycle continues, but it has never continued long enough for me to actually properly learn the guitar. The tambourine has never been out of the box. And now I add egg shakers to the list. Why? I don’t know. Will I ever manage to play anything musical? I don’t know. Hopefully some day.

I think at the moment the issue is that I am very shy and I live with my parents. Playing the guitar, or even the tambourine, or even the egg shakers produces noise. I don’t want anyone to hear that noise. There is never time where I am home alone. I think if there was, I would learn something by now.

Z is for Zymocenosilicaphobia

excessive or irrational fear of an empty beer glass. prejudice or hatred of an empty beer glass.



I thought I would make a light hearted end to the challenge, with Zymocenosilicaphobia. I was wearing the above t-shirt yesterday (but in black, not the red one) as I was thinking about what to write for my Z post. My eyes looked downwards and realised I could use this. It’s a word you may not have known.

I personally don’t have a problem with empty beer glasses. But it depends on how my day has been. Sometimes I would prefer it to be full.


Thanks to everyone who’s dropped by during the A to Z. It’s been very much appreciated.

Y is for Young Americans

“Young Americans” was a short lived TV show which ran for 8 episodes in 2000. It starred some well known faces: Kate Bosworth, Ian Somerhalder, and Katherine Moennig. I think pretty much before they were famous.

It was a show similar to “Dawson’s Creek”. It contained storylines such as Bella (Kate Bosworth) falling in love with a guy who turned out to be her brother, and Jake (Katherine Moennig) who was a girl pretending to be a boy to annoy her mother. It had sun, attractive people, rowing, great music, and I thought it was just a great show. It’s a shame it never came back for another season.

I was actually surprised to find it on YouTube today. Episode one is below if anyone would like to check it out:


Y is also for You. Yes, you there, reading these words right now. Thank you for visiting my little blog during this A to Z challenge and leaving comments on my posts. It’s much appreciated.