A is for Alcohol

Alcohol. Most of us drink it. Whether we’ve had a hard day, or we’re unwinding at the weekend, or out socialising with friends. Alcohol is probably going to play a part. When I was younger I didn’t like alcohol, and didn’t see me ever wanting to drink it like the adults at that time did. Beer tasted horrible, wine was sour, whisky… dear god. Why would someone drink that? Then time goes on, you look at society and it seems to be the thing to do, so you try it again and suddenly it’s not so bad. You develop a liking for beer, you go out and buy different brands, perhaps developing a favourite. My sister gave me a book for my birthday “300 beers to try before you die” and I seem to be on the lookout for beers from my book all the time now, i’ve bought and tasted so many in the month since my birthday and it seems like the book has been an excuse to hunt the beers down and sample them. I like wine too, we used to always drink white wine at home, we didn’t like red. But I don’t know what happened along the way, but now we drink red and very rarely have white. I think there was a newspaper article at one time stating red wine was good for your health. Perhaps that’s why we switched. But no doubt there have been five more articles since that time declaring it’s bad for your health, it’s good, it’s bad again to the point that nobody really knows. And whisky, oh yes, I like whisky now. I have many many bottles of it in my room, and my sister and I have toured round the majority of distilleries in Scotland almost always buying a bottle if we thought it was good. Irish and Japanese whiskies, and also American Bourbons are in there too. One of the whiskies, named Oban… when we went there and I had began developing my taste for whisky, I did not like it. My sister didn’t either. We’ve since went back twice and we like it now. It’s strange how things can change. I get stressed a lot at work and sometimes come home to a beer, but it doesn’t help. I think we’ve came to believe alcohol can make things better when it’s all in our head. Like someone can give you a tictac and tell you it was a painkiller, and maybe your sore head goes away. But it’s because you thought you had taken a painkiller. Since work got more stressful for me, I would definitely say I have drunk more alcohol. This is probably not a good thing, but I never have more than a couple and it just makes me tired. I’ve never been drunk (not really) and have never had a hangover (not really). I’ve stopped myself before it could come to that. I may get more talkative and enjoy myself more, but that’s not a bad thing. I don’t think I could wake up the next day with no knowledge of what I did the previous day so I think that’s a good sign. But I digress. A is for alcohol. I like it, but drink in moderation. I recommend my readers do too.

Peace. out.


5 thoughts on “A is for Alcohol

  1. Jagoda Perich-Anderson, M.A. says:

    I’m a fellow A to Z-er. I like a cold beer with pizza and friends or a nice wine to unwind. I make a point of not drinking alcohol when I’m stressed.

  2. Sisyphus47 says:

    Poe thought no illness was comparable with alcohol… A good start on the challenge 😉

  3. Alcohol is not what I reach for when stressed either, more like something sweet. However,I do enjoy a cocktail when I’m out socialising on special occassions. Good luck with the rest of the Challenge. Sounds like you’re going to have a lot of variety in your Challenge posts.

  4. Stopping by on the A-Z. Enjoyed your first post!

  5. Well said, alcohol can be good in moderation. I like a cold beer on a hot day, and a glass of wine with dinner sometimes. Cheers! Hope to see more of your posts during the Challenge.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

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