B is for Books

B was at one time going to be about Buffy the vampire slayer, one of my first TV obsessions. I had the books, the magazines, the photo collection, some figures.. but since this A to Z is to be about me in a way I thought I should shift it to a more generic item… Books.

I love books. I must own about a hundred books. I also have a Kindle and an iPad but nothing beats a paperback or physical book. When I went to uni there were lots of charity bookshops around the corner, and I must have bought lots of books during my time at uni. Some I still have not read, others I have. My mum reads books a lot, but she can finish one and you ask her what it was about and she has no idea. I couldn’t skim a book like that and not know anything. I would reread a page if it didn’t make sense and I get very into the storylines. I am currently reading through the Tess Gerritsen “Rizzoli and Isles” series. I started “Mephisto Club” this morning on the bus into work, yesterday I was reading “Essex County” by Jeff Lemire on my iPad. I’ve recently finished “The Tide” by Mark Tuohy and “Independence Day” by Richard Ford. I do most of my reading on the bus on the way too or from work. For a while I would also read at lunchtime, but then it got to the point that everyone had their lunch at the same time and there was too much talking to read. I then stopped bringing books to work and just read the “Metro” newspaper which I pick up free each morning on the bus. Recently I have stopped reading the Metro so much, and have went back to my books, just reading the Metro at lunch.

I have books from Buffy novels, to autobiographies, to romance novels, to science fiction. I also have the common “popular” books like Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the rings and Hunger Games. There is not one specific genre that I stick to. I have so many piles of books in my room that I could open a bookstore or a library. I could donate the ones I have read to charity to make space, but if I like a book I tend to attach myself to it and wouldn’t like to let it go.

I have also recently joined a book club on Tumblr where a book read by Sara Quin from “Tegan and Sara” is chosen and we all read it together. The first one is “Essex County” so I skipped a little as we’re not supposed to be reading it yet. Another that I read because of her is “Independence Day” mentioned earlier. She reads a lot of books and has a column on their website where she lists her recommended reads. She was also on Canada reads rooting for “Essex County” which was thrown out at the first round, but later was voted most popular by the viewers, getting more votes than all the others combined. It’s a graphic novel which I would otherwise not have heard of. So thanks to her I am branching out and learning about new books and authors out there. Also my friends on Tumblr and Twitter sometimes suggest books to me, such as “Letters to a young poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke.

If any readers have any book recommendations, feel free to send them my way 😉


10 thoughts on “B is for Books

  1. becsym says:

    Bravo to your blog post and to books ! I cannot believe that I missed books from my B post … the best book by my humble recomendation is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World ,,,, x

  2. Sisyphus47 says:

    A lovely post! I love books too… and writing! Glad you are in this challenge 😉 and thank for visiting my own meanderings!

  3. Pete Denton says:

    I read more and more these days. I must admit to preferring the e-book to a physical book, but that’s more to do with my aging fingers finding it hard to hold a 600 pager for too long any more. 🙂

  4. melanie schulz says:

    I’m going to be trite here and recommend my book: The Newstead Project. It’s coming out in May, but I’d be happy to send you an ebook version of it.

  5. K.Jacqleene says:

    Fellow book lover. Great blog!

  6. jccsst1022 says:

    I don’t have the love for books like I used to. I’m content with reading them on my Kindle, it’s just easier.

    My favorite series is the Hollows by Kim Harrison. It’s up to 11 books now. They keep getting better as they go.

  7. EmmlyJane says:

    I love books. I read so many that do blend together. I am embarrassed to say more than one occasion I too found myself reading a story, closed the book and forgot about it. However, I can tell you about the characters. If you tell me the story line I’d never know it was something I’d read before. But I can tell you within a few paragraphs if I’ve read about a character.

  8. When I moved, I think a good half of my boxes were just books. I have a Kindle, so my dad didn’t understand why I still had so many hard copy books. But it’s like you said – there’s just nothing like a physical book, like holding it in your hands and smelling it.

  9. Nicole says:

    Stopping by from the A to Z. Books are definitely worthy of being you “B” entry! 🙂

  10. Joe Owens says:

    I prefer the Kindle versions because of the physical space several books require.

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