G is for Guitars

When I was in High School we had Music as a lesson up until around 4th year. There was a point where we all had to choose an instrument, and we would then try and learn a song on that instrument as a class and it would be recorded. I wanted to play Guitar but looking at the small group of people who had chosen that instrument, and the huge instruments themselves with the plectrums handmade from washing liquid bottles I ended up choosing a keyboard. An instrument I felt would be easier to learn, and if I made a mistake there would be less people to notice it as there were more people playing keyboard. This was my shyness. Also my friend at the time chose Keyboard. Even with the keyboard though, I did make mistakes and you could hear it in the recording.

After 4th year we could continue to take music as a subject, but again my shyness was an issue. The unpopular people took music, or the popular people took it and played guitar. I was not a cool person. I felt too scared as people would be watching me perform and in the end I didn’t take music as a lesson.

A year later, a friend of mine who was in the year below persuaded me to try again and asked her music teacher if I could take music but there were too many pupils and he said no. I bought a cheap nylon 3/4 size acoustic guitar and attempted to learn but it didn’t sound very good. I bought new strings and tried again, but I couldn’t get the strumming right at all. I went to my friends house but she was unable to coax me to play in front of her. I was just so shy, even playing at home I would play quietly so that nobody would hear. Although this of course made it harder for me to learn anything as I couldn’t strum correctly when trying to be quiet.

I then bought an electric guitar in the hope that it would be quieter. It was. I got on a little better but still had problems with the strumming. My uncle who plays guitar tried to get me to play when I was at his house once but nope… I couldn’t do it.

I even thought at one point that I could perhaps go to a night class at a college reasonably near me that offered a guitar course. But the thought of travelling alone and being made to play in front of strangers, or pick songs to learn made me not sign up. I am so shy, even if someone asked me to choose a song I would like to play, I would end up asking others what they were choosing, and pick something similar, rather than the true song I would like to play. As then they would know what artists I like, and for some reason I don’t like that.

After years of the guitars gathering dust, I bought a ukulele. Thinking this would be easier to play as it was smaller. I again didn’t get too far with it.

So in my house I have dusty guitars, and a ukulele. Guitar manuals, metronomes, tuners, picks, books, DVDs… but still after all those years I can’t play a lot. Sometimes a band will come along and make me want to attempt to learn again, but more often than not eventually I give up and they gather dust again.

So G is for Guitars. I would love to learn, but my shyness and patience get in the way.


4 thoughts on “G is for Guitars

  1. Rowena says:

    Ohh, you should definitely sign up to classes and learn, it’s never too late. You will lose the shyness eventually, going anywhere new is always awkward to start with, for everyone! I played bass a little years ago (not very well) and played flute and saxophone in school. I loved being able to play an instrument, I was never the best but its not always about being the best is it. Go on do it!

  2. I took guitar lessons in Jr. High…… and can’t play or even read a note now. Oh well……. next life??
    A to Z buddy
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  3. Hello! I wish I could play a musical instrument! The piano and guitar are my top two choices to learn to play.

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  4. Pete Denton says:

    I’m the same. I owned a guitar years ago, but did nothing with it. I bought another one a few years back and tinker rather than have lessons and go for it. One day 🙂

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