I is for Islay

I is for Islay, a beautiful little island in Scotland which is home to a large amount of amazing whiskies. My sister and I went there for a week and managed to visit most of the distilleries. 3 of which were on the same road. There’s hardly any crime on Islay, everyone is friendly, they use peat for their fire so the place smells absolutely gorgeous. The roads are built on peat too (probably why there is so much whisky made there) which results in amusing bus rides when everyone is constantly bouncing around because of the roads. I found one trip so amusing that when I noticed a woman in a parking lot at the side, I waved to her and she waved back. Island people are friendly like that. I would never dream of doing that in a city.

We also stayed in a house near Port Charlotte distillery which is no longer produced but we walked through the old warehouses and took photos. There’s barrels wherever you look. The whisky distilleries in Islay are:

Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroaig (all on the same road), Bowmore, Bunnahabhain, Caol Ila, Kilchoman (new one), and Bruichladdich, We did not visit Kilchoman or Bunnahabhain unfortunately. Some of the tours in the distilleries are the best I have had. At Bowmore we were able to try out the machinery, at Laphroaig we were able to take peat home if we wanted, I threw a bit in the fire, we could take photos wherever we wanted. It was so relaxed.

I loved Islay and if I am honest, I would love to get a little house on the main street in Bowmore and live there. I think my life would be so relaxing and I would love all the whisky nearby. I perhaps could also have a job in one of them. That would be heaven.

And the motto in Islay is “and it’s goodbye to care”.


2 thoughts on “I is for Islay

  1. Margo Kelly says:

    Sweet! Who wouldn’t want to live where the motto is: good-bye to care!? I’d love to visit there. 🙂 I’m stopping in from the A to Z Challenge! Nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. Heidi Mannan says:

    Oh, how lovely it sounds. We were going to go to Scotland and Ireland several years ago, but we had a baby instead. No regrets. 🙂

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