J is for Jigsaws

Jigsaws. I’m not that into jigsaws unless there’s an exciting picture on it, which has lots of different colours. My sister bought me a jigsaw of London at night and 90% of the pieces were dark blue. This is not my kind of jigsaw. I have multiple jigsaws of the Golden Gate Bridge, as I love it. These are easier to do, and knowing you will enjoy seeing the finished picture is a bonus. I bought a jigsaw at a charity shop last year and the box opened and some pieces fell. When I got home I counted the pieces and realised there were a few missing, but they could not be found. I haven’t made that jigsaw and don’t know if I would bother. Why make a jigsaw when the end result will be incomplete?

There have also been jigsaws which I could not finish. I had one of the Golden Gate Bridge and we were unable to complete the sky. In the end we gave up. It was all completely the same colour with no visible difference from all the other pieces.

The last jigsaw I completed was a London attractions jigsaw made by Ravensburger. They make the best jigsaws.


3 thoughts on “J is for Jigsaws

  1. transformednonconformist says:

    The only time I ever do jigsaws is when family is in town for holidays. Putting together a puzzle is one of our shared activities.

    Dropping by from A to Z. This is my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist

  2. Trisha says:

    I don’t mind jigsaws, though I don’t actually own any. But I would recommend never buying any from 2nd hand stores. hehe

  3. Paula Martin says:

    I used to love jigsaws but haven’t done any for years.

    Visiting from the A-Z Challenge Paula Martin – Romance Author

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