K is for KT Tunstall

K was a tricky one to think about. KT Tunstall is one of my favourite singers, so she got the prize so to speak. Other amazing musicians who could have got the prize are:

King Creosote

Karine Polwart

Kim Edgar

King Creosote knows KT from way back, she dated his brother once, he owns a record label that she played with for a bit. And King Creosote is now in a Band named “The Burns Unit” with Karine Polwart and Kim Edgar, so all above artists are in a way connected to KT.

KT worked in an ice cream shop when she was young, in St Andrews named Luvians. I visited when I was in St Andrews last and found it cool to know she used to work there, serving the ice cream from behind the counter. After a while there she moved to a bottle shop/liquer store also owned by Luvians. Here she developed a taste for whisky, her favourite being Talisker, which is also my favourite. She actually owns a guitar made with an old Talisker barrel which she got when it was her birthday on the year of the Outsider festival. I was at the Outsider festival that year but unfortunately did not see the guitar. Actually another awesome singer who was at the Outsider that year is Karen Matheson from the band Capercaille. I love them too.

KT used to busk on the street in Glasgow and did that for years, until she was spotted by someone and the rest is history. I love her songs, and her accent, and she’s amusing and down to earth. I’ve never met her in person but i’ve seen her live about 3 times, and am seeing her live again this year in June when she releases her next album. I think because it took her so long to get famous, and she didn’t have a lot of money, and struggled along she realises what she’s achieved and is so appreciative of her fans. I love her singing voice too though. So yeah, K is for KT Tunstall. Someone I really admire.


2 thoughts on “K is for KT Tunstall

  1. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never heard of any of these. Does this mean I’m musically illiterate? Probably.

  2. Pete Denton says:

    KT Tunstall’s great

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