R is for Rest

As far as I know, it is recommended that adults get 7-8 hours sleep a night. I usually go to bed around 11pm and on weekdays I get up at 5:40am for work. So I almost make my 7 hours. I try to do this as much as I can, having longer in my bed at the weekends. I also find that when I feel stressed, or too tired, lying on my bed with my eyes closed listening to music can relax me and help my mind stop for a bit. I think rest is important, and where we can, we should all aim to have a good sleep, or times where we can just lie down for an hour and do nothing. We’re not machines.


3 thoughts on “R is for Rest

  1. It’s a good point – we do need rest. and sometimes just isolating yourself, like you said with your eyes closed and listening to music, is one of the most restful steps we can take.
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  2. I love my rest 😉

    I probably do get my 7 hours most work nights and more at the weekend. I think 7 hours is the amount of sleep I generally need although I can function on less but not all the time 😉

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  3. I like to get my 7 – 8 hours too. And when we’re not too tired, or we need more sleep than the average, that’s okay too.

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