S is for Shoes

I actually looked at my original list of things to write about for the A to Z challenge and found a bunch that I am a little sad I didn’t use:
Electricity, Internet, Model Kits, Photography

But we can’t change the past, so lets move on. S could be for shyness, or stress, but I feel like I have talked a lot about that and you all know that i’m a natuaral born worrier by now. So I will try to get it back how it started and talk about posessions and things that relate to me in terms of physical things, not internal struggles.

So S is for Shoes, or more realistically, trainers. But that’s not an S word so we’ll stick to calling them Shoes in the general sense. I tend to wear the same shoes every day for ages, until they are done basically. This is in the winter, when I wear outdoor walking shoes. In the summer I switch to Converse and maybe wear a pair for a week, then switch to another pair. Or that’s what I did last year. I’m hoping to do the same this year if/when we actually get some summer weather. But since I have trips for work at the moment, i’m wearing these little black canvas things with no arch support and the guy I go on the trips with walks really fast so my poor feet are always needing to recover afterwords so I stick with the outdoor shoes as i’m used to them. Sometimes I will buy new shoes from the internet, most of them sit there in my wardrobe in a box for years and years, unworn, while I continue to wear the same ones over and over and buy new ones. It’s really not very good. I think to myself, yeah buy these and I have a spare pair so I don’t need to buy ones later. It doesn’t really work out that way. I’ve bought 3 pairs in the last month. Two of them sort of hurt my heels. Great worthwhile purchases huh? I really need to stop buying and clear my room out because I have too much of everything and no room for new stuff. And even although I buy new clothes, I don’t wear them but wear the old ones instead. I would actually like to be one of those people that can carry their posessions in one case. They just have the basics that they need, without all this unneccessary clutter. When I shop with my sister, I end up buying tons of things I will never use. When I shop myself (I don’t do this a lot, I don’t like to shop) I very rarely buy anything. I would say she’s the reason for a lot of my clutter, with the exception of books and DVDs, because that’s all me.

So S is for Shoes. And that I have too many of them.


One thought on “S is for Shoes

  1. shell flower says:

    You could always sell your extra shoes to a consignment shop or on eBay. I have tiny feet, so I struggle with finding shoes that fit. I actually just bought a pair of shoes this weekend for the first time in like 2 years. I was so happy to find a store that carried my size, but had to drive to Seattle to find it. It was fun, though. Good shoes are important.

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