U is for Ukulele

When I became a fan of “She and Him”, the band of M Ward and Zooey Deschanel, I watched a few videos on YouTube where Zooey was playing Ukulele. I thought it looked fun, and the one she had was shaped like a Fender Telecaster. Since I had tried countless times to learn the guitar and wasn’t getting far, I thought perhaps a smaller instrument like a ukulele would be a good idea. 4 strings, and they’re nylon so might be quieter, and it’s so small it’d be easy to stretch to different notes. Then once I learn the Ukulele I could adapt that to the guitar.

That was the plan anyway, so I bought one, learned a little of a song, and it’s gathered dust ever since. Sounds a little familiar I must say. Maybe music just is not for me.



3 thoughts on “U is for Ukulele

  1. Nagzilla says:

    Maybe you just don’t have the right music motivation. One of my friends saw a songbook at a music store that was AC/DC for the ukulele. That’ll get you in the spirit!

  2. It’s a very cute uke, and even if it isn’t for you, the music is still fun to listen to.

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