V is for Voices

I wasn’t sure what word to use for V, so I looked back at my calendar from last month when I was planning the topics to discuss each day. The same calendar that has been largely forgotten. It had “Voices” scribbled down for today.


I am not a fan of people with loud voices. Some people at my work have incredibly loud voices, where I have to physically try to back away from them when they speak to me but try to make it not obvious, because they actually really hurt my ears they’re so loud. When i’m trying to do my work and a loud person is talking with a workmate, it becomes such a struggle to concentrate. Or when i’m on the bus, and there are loud speakers chatting and you can hear every single word and can’t concentrate on reading, or whatever else you were planning on doing. I also find it horrible listening to people chew food or chewing gum loudly, whether it be in the office, at home, or on the bus. I think I prefer quiet situations or places. I get uncomfortable with a lot of noise.

Voices could also be for accents, and the different sound of voices from different places. I like accents from Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, America, South Africa, etc.

Or Voices could also be for singing voices. I have a bad singing voice.


2 thoughts on “V is for Voices

  1. K.Jacqleene says:

    I have found I am drawn to deep voices. When listening to a speech, a sermon, a news commentator, the deeper voice will always keep my attention longer. I’m not talking baritone, just not a high pitch or shrill voice. I also like a lot of inflection to keep my attention. Monotone makes me fall asleep every time.

  2. ladysknight says:

    True indeed too often people can be inconsiderate with their noise level

    Have always liked the quiet / calming voices

    nice to meet you thru A to Z

    ck us out at Lady’s Knight

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