Z is for Zymocenosilicaphobia

excessive or irrational fear of an empty beer glass. prejudice or hatred of an empty beer glass.



I thought I would make a light hearted end to the challenge, with Zymocenosilicaphobia. I was wearing the above t-shirt yesterday (but in black, not the red one) as I was thinking about what to write for my Z post. My eyes looked downwards and realised I could use this. It’s a word you may not have known.

I personally don’t have a problem with empty beer glasses. But it depends on how my day has been. Sometimes I would prefer it to be full.


Thanks to everyone who’s dropped by during the A to Z. It’s been very much appreciated.


Y is for Young Americans

“Young Americans” was a short lived TV show which ran for 8 episodes in 2000. It starred some well known faces: Kate Bosworth, Ian Somerhalder, and Katherine Moennig. I think pretty much before they were famous.

It was a show similar to “Dawson’s Creek”. It contained storylines such as Bella (Kate Bosworth) falling in love with a guy who turned out to be her brother, and Jake (Katherine Moennig) who was a girl pretending to be a boy to annoy her mother. It had sun, attractive people, rowing, great music, and I thought it was just a great show. It’s a shame it never came back for another season.

I was actually surprised to find it on YouTube today. Episode one is below if anyone would like to check it out:


Y is also for You. Yes, you there, reading these words right now. Thank you for visiting my little blog during this A to Z challenge and leaving comments on my posts. It’s much appreciated.



X is Xena

When Xena was on I watched it every Saturday on channel 5. I still remember back then having an old fashioned TV with a clunky pull out button to switch it on, and to turn the volume up you twisted the same button. I can’t even remember if there was a remote control. I had a little aerial sitting on top of the TV and when the microwave was on the TV went fuzzy with lines all over the place. I was in high school and Xena was my guilty pleasure. I even bought a few issues of the magazine, and had posters and postcards on the wall of my bedroom. My maths teacher at the time was a fan and he had a postcard on the wall in the classroom. I asked where he got it and he told me about Forbidden Planet which I didn’t know about. He was a cool teacher actually, though he always called me Susan. My name is Alison. But I didn’t mind.

I’ve since bought the DVDs of the seasons I didn’t have and started watching it from the start again. But I gave up so I shall need to get back to it sometime. I have 3 seasons on video and they’re buried at the bottom of my wardrobe – huge boxsets with 2 episodes per video and a picture of Xena along the spines. Quite impressive looking actually, but they take up a lot of space.

Gabrielle was my favourite. Her stories were fun and I loved the way she shouted XeenA… She was cool. Then there was Joxer the mighty. I still remember his theme song. And Annie the nanny’s version. So many episodes I can remember like I watched them yesterday. At the time I think it was awesome to have this show with kick ass women in it.

I even bought a bunch of convention DVDs and Coffee Talk DVDs from EBay. I love Lucy’s accent and seeing all the stuff they got up to as themselves, and at the conventions. Lucy is such a fun person, and the work she does for charity is awesome. To chain yourself to an oil rig risking prison to illustrate the save the arctic campaign by Greenpeace just makes me love her more. Did I mention the accent? 😉

X is for Xena. A mighty princess forged in the heat of battle… Yeah, I still remember the theme tune.

W is for Whisky

W is for Whisky. Scottish Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Japanese whisky, and American bourbon.

It took me a while to get acquired to the taste. The first I actually liked was Talisker, which I had after a chicken burger in a pub in Newcastle. I wanted to try it as it is KT Tunstall’s favourite whisky. I actually liked it. It’s now my favourite whisky. I think since that day. I have a couple of bottles of the standard Talisker, a distillers edition, 57 degrees north, and Talisker Storm. I also have 3 t-shirts, a glass, a hip flask, a scarf, a badge, and a quaich all branded with the Talisker logo. My sister and I visited all Classic Malt distilleries in Scotland, and in return our journal was signed by all distillery managers. We got a Classic Malts quaich too. When we visit a distillery, I will buy something. Usually a glass, a t-shirt and a bottle if I like it. This has resulted in me having many glasses, and many whiskies in my house. I also have a fair amount of t-shirts.

Below you can see my (almost) full collection, minus a bottle of Paddy Irish blended whisky and the Taliser Storm. The top photo is of Scottish whiskies, the bottom of other whiskies and bourbons. As you can see, I am developing quite the collection. I may well have one tonight.


V is for Voices

I wasn’t sure what word to use for V, so I looked back at my calendar from last month when I was planning the topics to discuss each day. The same calendar that has been largely forgotten. It had “Voices” scribbled down for today.


I am not a fan of people with loud voices. Some people at my work have incredibly loud voices, where I have to physically try to back away from them when they speak to me but try to make it not obvious, because they actually really hurt my ears they’re so loud. When i’m trying to do my work and a loud person is talking with a workmate, it becomes such a struggle to concentrate. Or when i’m on the bus, and there are loud speakers chatting and you can hear every single word and can’t concentrate on reading, or whatever else you were planning on doing. I also find it horrible listening to people chew food or chewing gum loudly, whether it be in the office, at home, or on the bus. I think I prefer quiet situations or places. I get uncomfortable with a lot of noise.

Voices could also be for accents, and the different sound of voices from different places. I like accents from Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, America, South Africa, etc.

Or Voices could also be for singing voices. I have a bad singing voice.

U is for Ukulele

When I became a fan of “She and Him”, the band of M Ward and Zooey Deschanel, I watched a few videos on YouTube where Zooey was playing Ukulele. I thought it looked fun, and the one she had was shaped like a Fender Telecaster. Since I had tried countless times to learn the guitar and wasn’t getting far, I thought perhaps a smaller instrument like a ukulele would be a good idea. 4 strings, and they’re nylon so might be quieter, and it’s so small it’d be easy to stretch to different notes. Then once I learn the Ukulele I could adapt that to the guitar.

That was the plan anyway, so I bought one, learned a little of a song, and it’s gathered dust ever since. Sounds a little familiar I must say. Maybe music just is not for me.


T is for T-Shirts, and “Tegan and Sara”

I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of person. That’s my stable outfit pretty much every day. My sister and I have done many brewery and distillery tours, and I generally buy a t-shirt each time, so I have tons of t-shirts with brewery or distillery names on them. It’s probably not the most flattering of clothing for a girl, and I do sometimes try to wear something else, but usually it’s the t-shirt. Simple and comfortable. The distilleries and breweries also tend to do only mens sizes because not a lot of ladies like beer and whisky I guess, or if they do they perhaps don’t tend to buy a lot of clothing. So some of the brands are not the best fitting. But I buy them anyway. I do have ladies fit t-shirts, which I like to call “tops” but I don’t wear them a lot. I prefer to hide myself under t-shirts.

T is also for “Tegan and Sara”, a band that I am rather obsessed with at the moment. Well, not obsessed because that suggests I stalk them or something which is obviously not true. But I am very into their music right now, and bought a ticket to see them in June, by myself. A little nervous about that but I am sure I will do fine, and from what I read on Tumblr I am not the only fan going it alone. I am actually listening to them as I write this. A friend from Tumblr introduced me to them and at the time I wasn’t that impressed with the one song I heard. But when their latest album was released, “Heartthrob” I listened to it and really liked it. So I went back to their old stuff again, this time falling in love with it and connecting to it like I hadn’t the first time round. There’s gazillions of videos on YouTube of them live, and they tend to interact a lot with the audience and tell them stories, so I ended up finding myself downloading a ton of these videos at work from YouTube, then at night sit watching them for hours each night. To the point that my hard drive was pretty full and I could probably recite some of the stories, such as Sara hiring a catering company but getting the words all wrong, or referring to her not being on Twitter as “here comes Jimmy in his cart with his bonnet on”, which are two of my favourites. They just seem like lovely girls and when you become a fan it tends to take over your life. I’ve read that they have had that affect on others too. So T is a joint effort between t-shirts, and Tegan and Sara. They may combine in June when I more than likely will buy a Tegan and Sara t-shirt at the gig, but because I am so shy I tend to not wear the t-shirts I buy to gigs at work, because people will then know what music I am into and I don’t know why but I don’t like that. So I would buy one that was discreet and not necessarily obvious, or hide it under a jumper, which seems a bit pointless but there you go. I’m working on trying to be less shy and more confident with this sort of stuff. Tegan and Sara are also the band that make me want to give my guitar a dust down and try it out again because I see them thrashing away at their guitars and would love to be able to do the same.