W is for Whisky

W is for Whisky. Scottish Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Japanese whisky, and American bourbon.

It took me a while to get acquired to the taste. The first I actually liked was Talisker, which I had after a chicken burger in a pub in Newcastle. I wanted to try it as it is KT Tunstall’s favourite whisky. I actually liked it. It’s now my favourite whisky. I think since that day. I have a couple of bottles of the standard Talisker, a distillers edition, 57 degrees north, and Talisker Storm. I also have 3 t-shirts, a glass, a hip flask, a scarf, a badge, and a quaich all branded with the Talisker logo. My sister and I visited all Classic Malt distilleries in Scotland, and in return our journal was signed by all distillery managers. We got a Classic Malts quaich too. When we visit a distillery, I will buy something. Usually a glass, a t-shirt and a bottle if I like it. This has resulted in me having many glasses, and many whiskies in my house. I also have a fair amount of t-shirts.

Below you can see my (almost) full collection, minus a bottle of Paddy Irish blended whisky and the Taliser Storm. The top photo is of Scottish whiskies, the bottom of other whiskies and bourbons. As you can see, I am developing quite the collection. I may well have one tonight.