X is Xena

When Xena was on I watched it every Saturday on channel 5. I still remember back then having an old fashioned TV with a clunky pull out button to switch it on, and to turn the volume up you twisted the same button. I can’t even remember if there was a remote control. I had a little aerial sitting on top of the TV and when the microwave was on the TV went fuzzy with lines all over the place. I was in high school and Xena was my guilty pleasure. I even bought a few issues of the magazine, and had posters and postcards on the wall of my bedroom. My maths teacher at the time was a fan and he had a postcard on the wall in the classroom. I asked where he got it and he told me about Forbidden Planet which I didn’t know about. He was a cool teacher actually, though he always called me Susan. My name is Alison. But I didn’t mind.

I’ve since bought the DVDs of the seasons I didn’t have and started watching it from the start again. But I gave up so I shall need to get back to it sometime. I have 3 seasons on video and they’re buried at the bottom of my wardrobe – huge boxsets with 2 episodes per video and a picture of Xena along the spines. Quite impressive looking actually, but they take up a lot of space.

Gabrielle was my favourite. Her stories were fun and I loved the way she shouted XeenA… She was cool. Then there was Joxer the mighty. I still remember his theme song. And Annie the nanny’s version. So many episodes I can remember like I watched them yesterday. At the time I think it was awesome to have this show with kick ass women in it.

I even bought a bunch of convention DVDs and Coffee Talk DVDs from EBay. I love Lucy’s accent and seeing all the stuff they got up to as themselves, and at the conventions. Lucy is such a fun person, and the work she does for charity is awesome. To chain yourself to an oil rig risking prison to illustrate the save the arctic campaign by Greenpeace just makes me love her more. Did I mention the accent? 😉

X is for Xena. A mighty princess forged in the heat of battle… Yeah, I still remember the theme tune.