Y is for Young Americans

“Young Americans” was a short lived TV show which ran for 8 episodes in 2000. It starred some well known faces: Kate Bosworth, Ian Somerhalder, and Katherine Moennig. I think pretty much before they were famous.

It was a show similar to “Dawson’s Creek”. It contained storylines such as Bella (Kate Bosworth) falling in love with a guy who turned out to be her brother, and Jake (Katherine Moennig) who was a girl pretending to be a boy to annoy her mother. It had sun, attractive people, rowing, great music, and I thought it was just a great show. It’s a shame it never came back for another season.

I was actually surprised to find it on YouTube today. Episode one is below if anyone would like to check it out:


Y is also for You. Yes, you there, reading these words right now. Thank you for visiting my little blog during this A to Z challenge and leaving comments on my posts. It’s much appreciated.